AEP and IRC respond to Federal Budget

Nov 6 2018

Press Release

Nov 6 2018

View the Aboriginal Equity Partners and Indian Resource Council testimony opposing the Oil Tanker Moratorium immediately following the Minister Garneau’s testimony.

Bill C-48, Oil Tanker Moratorium Act

  • The Honourable Marc Garneau, P.C., M.P., Minister of Transport (Transport Canada)
  • Marc-Yves Bertin, Director General, Marine Policy (Transport Canada)
  • Stephen Buffalo, President and Chief Executive Officer (Indian Resource Council of Canada)
  • Bruce Dumont, Member of the Steward Group for the Northern Gateway Project, Former President of the Métis Nation British Columbia(Aboriginal Equity Partners)
  • Lawrence Hanson, Assistant Deputy Minister, Policy (Transport Canada)
  • Dale Swampy, Coordinator (Aboriginal Equity Partners)
  • Delbert Wapass, Board Member, Indian Oil and Gas (Indian Resource Council of Canada)