Glen Prat

As the CEO of Blueberry River Resources, Glen Pratt brings a deep commitment to helping First Nations communities achieve economic independence. Glen joins Blueberry River Resources with significant experience in economic development, governance, and leadership. Most recently, Glen served for five years as CEO of George Gordon Developments Ltd., the economic development entity of the George Gordon First Nation in Saskatchewan, where he is a Member. His leadership and strategic vision have played a vital role in fostering growth and prosperity within the community. Throughout his career, Glen has focused on community development and driving positive change, developing a wealth of experience in Treaty and Inherent rights protection and implementation, economic reconciliation in the mining sector, strategic planning, and community engagement and consultation. In 2004, he was elected Chief of George Gordon First Nation, serving for two terms. He has also served as a regional 3rd Vice Chief for the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations. Outside of his professional endeavors, Glen enjoys spending time with his three children. He embraces his cultural heritage by participating in hunting, fishing, and attending Pow Wows, celebrating and connecting with his Indigenous roots.