Working to Defeat
on-reserve poverty


is a community of pro-development First Nation Chiefs that advocate for the development of oil and gas resources in their communities. Energy development in and near their communities provides much needed jobs and opportunities that help Indigenous members thrive and help defeat on-reserve poverty.


First Nations communities were projected to be
positively impacted by the Keystone XL pipeline proposal.


Of First Nations communities are expected to benefit
from oil and gas resource development in Alberta.


The unemployment rate for Aboriginal peoples in Alberta
in 2008- compared to 8.1%. for non-aboriginal people.

Support Indigenous skilled workers across Canada

Work with the Aboriginal Skilled Workers Association (ASWA) to complement your Indigenous participation and inclusion numbers for your project. email the NCC for more information.



September 19-20, 2021
Grey Eagle Resort, Calgary, AB

The National Coalition of Chiefs (“NCC”) was introduced through meetings of a group of First Nation Chiefs from across Canada who were interested in forming a coalition of industry-supportive and pro-development Chiefs from across Canada with a mandate to “Defeat On-Reserve Poverty”. NCC leaders understood that a venue for creating positive and cooperative dialogue directly between Indigenous leaders from the Natural Resource Industry does not currently exist, and that Indigenous communities were faced with constant social despair caused by an ongoing and relentless poverty crisis. Thus, NCC leaders agreed that a new approach was needed, and that this new approach would focus on creating positive and cooperative dialogue between Indigenous leaders from Canada’s Natural Resource Industry with a current focus on Canada’s oil and gas industry. Progressive First Nation Chiefs from across Canada will gather on a regular basis with CEOs from Canada’s Natural Resource Industry to exchange ideas and initiatives to improve their relationship, to support major project developments, and to work towards bringing Canada’s Indigenous community into prosperity through heightened levels of Indigenous participation in Canada’s economy.

The NCC Energy and Natural Resource Summit is an important opportunity for industry leaders to come together with pro-development First Nation Chiefs to bridge the gap and be able to work together to get projects going and completed. First Nation Communities recognize the benefits that hydrocarbon production provides to their communities and recognize that they offer an available solution for ending poverty.

The NCC Chiefs want to ensure Industry is in the room to allow for greater discussion and networking on alignment of our shared interests.