Development in First Nations Communities has countless benefits that are often overlooked. 


Canada’s First Nations are boosting investments and leveraging their clout with regulators to gain stakes in oil and gas projects as they seek greater returns on energy produced or transported across their territory.

-Financial Post, 2018

First Nations communities have a lot to gain by investing in the oil and gas industry. First Nations communities receive royalty payments in the millions, but could increase that number to the billions if they were to invest in in the Oil and Gas Industry.


First Nations communities were projected to be
positively impacted by the Keystone XL pipeline proposal.


Of First Nations communities are expected to benefit
from oil and gas resource development in Alberta.


The unemployment rate for Aboriginal peoples in Alberta
in 2008- compared to 8.1%. for non-aboriginal people.

43 billion

The oil industry is the single largest private sector investor in the country, investing $43 billion in capital projects in 2017. 


The number of direct and indirect jobs linked to the Oil and gas Industry across Canada.


The percentage of Canada’s GDP that is generated from the Oil and Gas Industry, it is the third largest industry behind manufacturing and real estate.