Malan Cronje

Malan Cronje is an experienced professional in the dust suppression industry with a career spanning over 12 years. Originally from South Africa and currently residing in Canada, Malan has demonstrated consistent and rapid upward mobility throughout his career, securing senior management roles since 2016. Malan is the Vice President of Business Development at Cypher Environmental.

Malan is passionate about the environment and comes in handy with business development, strategic initiatives, and new market/product development for Cypher Environmental. He possesses expertise in various areas, including strategic planning, project management, client management, people management, negotiations, resource planning, and financial management. He has effectively led teams of up to 60 employees and managed multi-million dollar budgets.

Malan is an avid outdoorsman and a family man. Most of his personal time is spent cycling, running, or spending time with family camping or hiking.

Malan’s professional journey is characterized by his ability to adapt quickly, solve problems collaboratively, and build strong stakeholder relationships. He possesses a detail-oriented mindset and a holistic approach to negotiations, safeguarding relationships while evaluating potential risks. Additionally, he excels in resource planning, aligning individuals with specific skills to complement project requirements.

Making a positive and lasting impact on the environment is what drives Malan. He continues to foster strategic partnerships, showcasing his dedication to excellence and driving the overall goal of leaving our environment in a better place than what we found it.